5 Signs You May Need an IT Assessment

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IT assessmentA successful IT system within a company is multi-faceted, and simultaneously focused on various levels of operation. However, often times, IT can be the ugly stepchild in an organization. And this critical piece of your business gets assigned to whoever seems to be the most tech-savvy, or else it lands on the CFO’s lap since finance is so tech-driven. Many times, the executive that is responsible for IT has little or no expertise in IT. So how do you know if your IT organization is performing well? Well, an IT assessment is a great place to start.

Here are five tell-tale signs you might need to assess your IT organization:

  1. Systems are down – if basic services like email, telecommunication and core business systems are not operating you might need an IT assessment
  2. Costs are up and service is down – if your IT spend as a percentage of overall spend continues to increase, and the service levels to users are decreasing, you might need an IT assessment
  3. Your CEO knows how to reboot the router – if your employees are performing routine IT tasks because IT is too overworked, you might need an IT assessment
  4. IT is a fire drill – if your basic IT operation is a heroic act, you might need an IT assessment
  5. IT is evil – if IT is a necessary evil rather than a strategic part of your business strategy, you might need an IT assessment

Analyzing the layers of an IT system will undoubtedly pinpoint rifts and shed light on areas that may lead to new business. With this information, you can take the next steps towards boosted productivity, properly utilized resources, enhanced system security and higher profitability.

Bridgepoint Consulting has successfully helped companies of all sizes, and across many industries navigate this process successfully. From IT assessments, evaluating leading software systems such as NetSuite and Salesforce, to helping you optimize and secure your digital environment, our team of digital experts can help turn your IT organization into a competitive advantage rather than a detriment.